Kathmandu – Day Rafting – Kathmandu/Pokhara

Trip Overview

The Trishuli is the most popular river rafting destination in Nepal. It offers great scenery, exciting rapids and impressive gorges. The Rafting in Trishuli features wonderful stretches of rapids, calm water & river bends. You will be navigated through famous rapids like – Upset, Ladies’ Delight, Surprise, S Bend and Pinball.  Rafting in Trishuli is a wonderful introduction to the Himalayan whitewater & is safe for children and first-time alike.

It’s possible to enjoy a day rafting trip from Kathmandu or to continue on to Pokhara for treks in the Annapurna region. Trekkers to Annapurna Base Camp & Pookhill often like to start their adventure with a dip in the Himalayan white waters. 

Brief Itinerary

  • Kathmandu - Day Rafting Trip - Kathmandu/Pokhara 

Additional Info

Packing for the river trip: Clients are requested to carry one small bag with your toiletries, water bottles, extra set of dry clothes, towels and personal items required during the day, which can be taken onboard the raft. They will be stored in the waterproof drum located on the raft. Your Main duffle bag can remain in the vehicle.
River Rafting Briefing: Upon arrival at the river start-point, you will receive a briefing about the Trishuli River and on rafting techniques.  Helmets and life jackets are provided at this time.
Dress for Rafting:  Setting off from Kathmandu, you should wear clothes that are ready for rafting. For example: you should wear a T- shirt, shorts, sun hat, and sandals (Tevas). If it is cold in the morning, you may want to wear long pants and a sweatshirt over your shorts and T-shirt. These can be put in your waterproof bag, upon arrival at the raft start point.
On completion of rafting: You can change to your dry clothes at the rafting end point.
Tipping: Tipping for your raft guide and crew is not included. Tipping for these individuals is at your discretion and would be done at the end of the raft trip before your onward transfer

Items Provided:
Raft with Guide
Water proof drum
Helmets & Life Jackets
Private vehicle transfer to & from rafting point 

Detailed Itinerary

0700 hrs:  Depart from Kathmandu
1000 hrs:  Reach rafting put in point
1030 - 1400 hrs: Rafting with lunch - Trishuli River 
1500 hr : Depart rafting point
1800hr : Arrive Kathmandu or Pokhara