Mountain Biking

The classic picture of Nepal includes huge mountain landscapes featuring icy peaks against a crisp blue sky, and possibly a yak or two. We love this picture, but we like it even more when there is a mountain bike coming down the trail!

Most people think of trekking when it comes to outdoor adventure in Nepal, but did you know that mountain biking is the fastest growing sport in Nepal?

In the early days, the few bikers all knew each other and rode together each weekend exploring the Kathmandu Valley and taking occasional longer trips. Now the biking scene has grown such that on any given Saturday you can see people riding everything from a flashy new bike, to an old iron horse – but all with the same goal to enjoy the freedom and the joy of a great ride.

Biking in Nepal may be evolving at lightning speed, but the trails are ancient and there is a mind boggling amount of them! No-one can know how many kilometers of trails are out there waiting to be discovered, as the whole country is criss-crossed with walking trails, beaten smooth by untold generations of feet, walking across the valley or across the country for trade, festivals or family visits.

Some of our favourite areas are rugged and truly wild with no easy way ‘out’, while some are close to town and offer almost limitless variations on the ride – from a day to a week or more, in stylish hotels or roughing it in tea houses or camping.

With so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start, so here are some day trips from kathmandu, to get you started. 

1 Day

Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour – 1 Day Nagarkote

An introduction into the MTB trails of Kathmandu valley, with its picturesque landscapes, terraced rice fields & fantastic Himalayan panorama.

1 Day

Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour – 1 Day Namobuddha

Kathmandu is a mecca for mountain bicyclists, as it draws thousands each year. Explore a world of wooded slopes, hidden temples & mountain peaks.