2nd April 2021

02 April 2021 – Nepal Visa / Immigration Rule Changes

Nepal has once again opened its doors for tourists to visit our country. Guests can explore the Himalayas, the magnificent heritage sites & the “off the beaten path experiences”.
Besides the regular tourist visa, a few additional documents such as insurance & a negative Covid-19 test are required. Once again, travelers can explore & experience the best of Nepal. Here are the updated requirements for your visit to Nepal.

Step 1: (To be done in Country of Origin, prior to travel)
a. Obtain the Nepal Tourist Visa in your country.
b. Obtain & print a complete Covid-19 vaccination report OR a PCR negative report taken within 72 hours of departure flight
c. Print a copy of your travel insurance that covers health, immediate crisis & rescue during the duration of your travel
d. Print the booking confirmation of your hotel.
e. Print the barcode generated from the Covid-19 management website of Nepal. You will be required to fill up a form. Link: ARMS-DIMS (ccmc.gov.np)
(These printed documents / information will be checked by the immigration department & your international airline)

Step 2: (After arriving in Nepal)
a. All visitors are required to do a mandatory Covid-19 PCR test (guest expenses). If the result is negative, guests are allowed to continue with their travel Itinerary.
If the result is positive, the tourists will have to stay in hotel quarantine until the result is negative.