Trekking through the Himalayas is a life-changing experience for many travelers, regardless of whether they are experienced hikers, or novices.

Trekking generally means a multi-day hike in the mountains. Treks typically take you through areas where hiking is the only means of transport since the mountains are too remote to build roads. Most treks take you through villages that have been around for centuries and the trails you hike on have historically been used by locals.

Trekking along the mountain trails of the Himalayas is a special experience. The Himalaya is unlike any other region in the world. The vastness of the Himalayan mountains, the amazing different viewpoints, the friendly people and the slower pace of life when movement happens on foot all contribute to the fact that many travelers describe their experience as life-changing.

7 Days

Himalayan Trek – 7 Days

A perfect outdoor adventure for families with limited time, this itinerary incorporates a short trek and many cultural aspects of Nepal.

10 Days

Drukpath Trek – 10 Days

Offering a short trek, through pristine landscape and a real taste of Bhutanese culture, this popular holiday provides an unforgettable experience in Bhutan.

9 Days

Punakha Trek – 9 Days

A wonderful experience for all first timers to the Himalayan kingdom, this trek provides a unique natural experience for the avid walker.

8 Days

Gangtey Trek – 8 Days

Combined with opportunities to experience the fascinating culture and sights of Bhutan, it is the perfect holiday within this unique Himalayan land.

11 Days

Langtang Trek – 11 Days

The Langtang Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal and is the darling of trekkers seeking stunning landscapes and authentic culture.

11 Days

Everest Foothills Trek – 11 Days

The Everest region is the favorite trekking region in Nepal. The mountains seen on this trek are majestic with 8000-meter peaks soaring above all else.