Welcome to Tibet

Up on the world’s roof-top there lies a wide stretched land (Shangri-La as some people call it) filled with fascinating and mystifying works of nature and human that has captured the imagination of many great people ever since the world came to know her existence. This is no other than Tibet (presently known as Tibet Autonomous Region). Although apparently she was forbidden for several centuries,great many authentic travelers, scholars and missionaries had attempted to reach this tantalizing land amidst perils and long, long endeavoring journey.


Tibet used to be the mysterious, legendary and unknown Roof of the World, hidden and almost unreachable behind the highest mountains in the world can be easily reached today from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal to Lhasa. Now as the iron-gate has recently flung opened to the out side world to unveil the secrecy of this mesmerizing question to the limited extend, the enthusiast travelers can’t resist their temptation of rushing there to catch the glimpse of this lost world just to heap up their own way of understandings and extract the pleasure that store in adventurous spirit.

Tibet Tour