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World reknowned for its amazing views of the Annapurna range, Poonhill has beckoned and welcomed many hikers. The Bukha trail takes you through off the beaten path and is a chance to see rural Nepal at it’s best. The houses, villages, paddy fields are still unchanged and of course, the mountain views are amazing!

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Begin your trek on a high note, you would probably reach around mid-afternoon Trek downhill and on the mantled road for few hours. Birethanti (1037m) is a delightful start to the trek itinerary. Sitting alongside the mighty Modi Khola. The perennial sight and sound of white-water rushing on the river may speak volumes to the excitement and anticipation of the adventure ahead. Walk across the cabled suspension-bridge which will bring you to other side of town.


Walk on to the history of Nepal, you will ascend stone-cut steps made by ancients of old to access villagers from one to another. As you climb higher, the panoramic view of villages dots the land below. The undulating terrain will also shows valleys, streams of waterfall that pours out of these crags and the perpetual greenery that makes this whole trip worhwhile. In the evening at Ulleri(2073m), herds of sheep will be gathered at the hillside by their shepherd, this is certainly a unique experience to see kids and ewes at play.


Today, the trail continues to ascend , albeit more gently, through fine forest of oak and rhododendron. Ghorepani (2885m) meaning “horse-water” in Nepali. Indeed, along the whole trek, you probably have seen caravans of packed mules adorned beautifully thronging the high roads. Nestled on top of the mountain, this village is shroud with clouds and offers the magnificent view of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range.


This morning, rise early if you want to take an optional hour’s climb to Poon Hill (3015m). This high point offers a panoramic 360 degree of the land round you. Your climb will be well-timed such that you will be able to watch sunrise approaching the mountains. It will be a memorable experience to relish; especially catching the sight of the distant snow peaks bathed in a coat of gold. Cut through forested path and descend steeply to Tarapani. On the way, we will walk alongside a pebble-strewned stream and forest in this sub-alpine terrain.


A delightful day today. We would have leave the forest behind and approached the hill terraces again. Once, we passed the river Modi Khola, the land opens up to flatter plains and meadows. In good climate, the grasland is dotted with yellow flowers and soothing greenery. The composition of distant snow mountains and colourful cultural surroundings make the area near Landrung(1646m) a truly superb backdrop for picture-taking.


The journey has come full circle, after breaking camp for the final time, we will cross the last stretch of villages along the ridges. The day may feel slightly longer than usual; reason being that one tends to feel nostalgic at this point of time. Unlike other villages before, this village is build around the path and extend quite a bit. As the village is also relatively near the only road that linked to Pokhara, the villagers are less inhibited and more conscious of tourists. We will take the final two-hour hike back to Phedi (1113m). This is where the hills meet the road and where our vehicle will be awaiting to bring us back to Pokhara. Tonight, the porters and the trekking crew would probably make merry in celebration for the end of the trek., they would gather in a large circle and dance cheerfully. Your casual invitation to be joined into this festive mood would definitely bring welcoming smiles all around.

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