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Mountain Range, the trekking trails of Ghandruk and Ghorepani has for years, captivated the hearts of trekkers. Wild flowers, Daisies, Orchids linger in bloom long afterthe monsoon and can’t be missed along the rock formations. The surreal views of Annapurna South, Fishtail Peak are a sight to behold and will forever be embedded in your memories!!

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Tour Itinerary


KTM/NAYAPUL/BIRETHANTI ( KTM 1300m, PKR 919m) Drive to Nayapul via Pokhara for about 7 hrs approximately. After arriving Nayapul you will start your trek. Descend down along the roadway, you cross the tributary Dholi Khola using the suspension bridge and which will bring you to Nayapul village. Following then the level path along the left bank of the Modi Khola, whose headwaters are the Annapuran Sanctuary. You will soon reach Ekuwar. Moving on you will see Birethanti (1037m) in front and crossing the suspension bridge over the Modi Khola, you will reach Birethanti. Tonight’s campsite. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to reach Birethanti from Nayapul.

Day 02: BIRETHANTI/ULLERI ( Birethanti 1500m, Ulleri 2073)

Morning, after breakfast you move further along the tributary Bhurungdi Khola, passing a small waterfall bringing you to Natathanti. Descend to the riverbank and continue on for a while. Climb up then to the terraced fields and you will reach Ramgure. When you ascend the path with stone walls, you will arrive in Sudami with a school. A further ascent will take you to Hille. You will see Tirkhedhung village (1577m) in the valley in front. This will your lunch point. Then if you move further, there is a suspension bridge over the tributary. Cross it you will find a farm field on you right. This is Tirkhedhung village. From here, after crossing the suspension bridge over the Bhurungdi Khola you will have to start a steep ascend to Ulleri (2073m) using continuous stone steps. This is the hardest ascend in this course. Keep on climbing until you reach the ridge of Ulleri village, your campsite. On the opposite bank, you can see Hiunchuli (6441m) and Annapurna South Peak (7219m). Total time taken will be 6 and half hours. This place is mostly inhabited by Magars, Chettris and some Gurungs the tribes of this region.

Day 03: ULLERI/GHOREPANI ( Ulleri 2073m, Ghorepani 2853m)

The ascend from Ulleri becomes gentle as compared to the previous day. At the end of the ridge you will enter through the densely populated forest area. You will soon reach Banthanti. The course from Banthanti goes through the rhododendron forest. Move on along the small stream, which is down below to your right cross the wooden bridge to the left bank and to open section on the flank and you will be in Nagthanti, your lunch point. From here the forest becomes denser, move on the path with stone steps and you will reach the lower village of Ghorepani. After climbing for about 20 minutes you will come to a check-post, the gateway to the upper village (2853m).

From here, you can see Dhaulagiri Himal in front and the Annapurna Himal above you to the right. The place is mostly inhabited by Magars. Time taken will be 4 and half hours. Ghore means horse and pani means water. This is the place where the traders used to take a rest and let their horses drink water. So the name is given to this place after this reason.

Day 04: GHOREPANI/TADAPANI (Ghorepani 2853m, Tadapani 2600m)

If in the morning the weather is favorable then we do the excursion of Poonhill at about 04:00 in the morning. To reach Poonhill it takes one-hour climb. From here, you will have a wider view. From the east to the west, Machhapuchhare (69932m), Hiunchuli, Annapurna South Peak and Annapurna I (8091m) form the snow-covered main ridgeline. To the left, Nilgiri (7061m) looks like it is rising from the Kali Gandaki River. In front you can see the imposing Dhaulagiri I (8167m). It is accompanied by Tukuche Peak (6920m) on its right. On its left stand Dhaulagiri II to V and Putha Hiunchuli (7246m). Back after excursion Ghorepani for breakfast then start journey toward Tadapani. To reach Tadapani, you have to climb the forest area, which is on the opposite side of Poon Hill. In mid-April, this area is marvelously full of rhododendron flowers. From the forest, passing the ridge with a fine view, continue on the flank and go back to the lean ridge again. Repeating small ascends and descends several times, you will reach Deurali. Then descend from there along the stream and you will soon reach Banthanti, your lunch point. After lunch descends from the flank to the tributary Choromg Khola, cross it using the wooden bridge and climb back on the flank. You will come to a pass in the forest area that is Tadapani ( 2650m). This is also quite a good spot to take a nice view of Annapurna Himal. Tada is far in Nepali and Pani is water. Time taken till here will be 5 hours.

Day 05: TADAPANI/CHOMRUNG ( Chomrung 2500m)

Today’s journey is to descend all the way down the bank of the Modi Khola for about 1 and half hours and then cross the wooden bridge. Crossing the bridge you have to climb up to the ridge and move straight for 40 minutes to reach Gurjung the lunch point. From here you can see Tadapani. And after finishing lunch you will repeat small ascends and descends for about 2 hours. Then you reach to your tonight’s campsite Chomrung. Chomrung is like a junction. From here you can go to Ghandruk and ABC as well. One can see nice views of mountains from here. Mostly Annapurna South 7219m, Himchuli 6441m, Annapurn III 7855m, Fishtail 6993m, Gangapurna 7485m, Gandhrava Chuli 6249m.


From the upper end of the village, descend the long stone steps and cross the suspension bridge over the Chomrong Khola. Climb the mountain flank, pass the hamlets and restaurants in Callbong, Tialche, Bhanuwa, and Sinuwa and you will reach the end of the ridge. Follow the rocky path through the forest area until you come to Durdi Ghar. Then after, descend the stone steps and pass the check post. Continue the descend through the forest, follow the path into bamboo forest and you will reach the Bamboo Hotel. This is the lunch point. After lunch, the descend will have been about 360 meters. You will now make a gentle ascend through the forest area and move on crossing about three streams that flows down from the flank to your left. You will soon reach Dobang (2606m).

Day 07: DOVAN/MBC ( MBC 3700m)

Today you are heading for Machhapuchhare B.C. The first section is a forest area. Cross a stream and pass the spot where water is overflowing on the path. It requires careful walking. Now you will be about 50m from the Modi Khola. Trekking a little further will bring you to a flat clearing in the forest. Move on to a place called the Himalayan Hotel (2900m) with two lodges, ascend the rocky path and you will soon reach Hinko cave. This area is prone to avalanches during the time of snowfall and there have been disasters. If there is no snow on the upper part of the rock face, there is no problem. You will soon reach Deurali (3100m), which is the lunch point. From Deurali, go to the riverbank, follow the path on the flank until you come to Bagal (3300m). You are heading for Machhapuchhare B.C, which are about 400m higher. From here follow the path on the flank where big rhododendrons are growing and you will come to end of the ridge. On the hill beyond the stream flowing from the South Annapurna Glacier, you can see the lodge of Machhapuchhare B.C. behind which Gangapurna (7455m) soars. After crossing the stream, climb a little and you will reach Machhapuchhare B.C. (3703m).


This morning if the weather is fine than we move early morning at about 4:00 to catch the sunrise at ABC. Do some excursion there for about 1 hour. And walk down to MBC for lunch. Duration for this walking distance up and down will be about 3 and half hours. After finishing lunch we walk down to the Himalaya for 3 hours. Tonight’s camp will be at Himalaya.

Day 09: HIMALAYA/CHOMRUNG (Himalaya 2900m)

We will be taking the same route down to chomrung for coming back. From himalaya to Sinuwa the lunch point will be 4 hours walk. And from the lunch point Sinuwa to Chomrung our campsite will be 1 hour down till the river and 1 hour up.

Day 10: CHOMRUNG/LANDRUNG (Landrung 1646m)

From here, change your route. Walk down for about 1 and half hour to the Jhinu and after some rest move down to the hot spring spot for excursion while the kitchen staff will be preparing lunch for you. From here to hot spring and back to lunch point, it takes about 1 and half hours. After finishing lunch move down to the new bridge for 1 hour and cross the bridge to follow the straight path. It is mostly gradual up till Landrung for about 2 hours. This place is inhabited by Gurungs and from here we can see good view of the mountains if the weather is favorable. Ghandrung(1951m) the most developed village in this area can also be seen.


Start your journey walking straight and slightly upward for about 1 hour to reach Thorka. Hiking up the ridge for about 1 and half hour to reach Bhichowk. move mostly up through the jungle to Deurali for about 1 and half hours. Descent down and slightly straight for about 1 hour to reach Pothana. From here it is 1 hour to reach Dhampus. The path descends as you near towards Phedi which takes about one and half hours. Phedi to Pokhara it takes 40 minutes drive. Check into hotel.


Overland drive back to Kathmandu. And check into hotel.

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