Our Mission

Being Responsible:

Hiuchuli Treks promises you a rewarding trip with an experience that last you lifetime amidst natural and cultural beauties. Here you will find committed team member, world-class quality, personalized service, closest co-operation and great company. Our trekking crews have more than a two decades of trek leadership experience. We ensure you get the ultimate holiday experience that exceeds your expectation. Quality service is what matters the most.

Whether you are looking for a holiday in Nepal or in Tibet or in Bhutan, we have a trip for you that suits your personal preference and timeframe. So join us today, let us plan your holiday down to the smallest details. We would take immense pleasure to be of service to you.

Nepal is blessed with natural and cultural wealth in abundance offering boundless opportunity to observe myriad snowy peaks, diverse topography, numerous flora fauna, endangered species of animals, plants etc. Our team is guided by the fact that we must respect our nature for our own survival and  it has been the matter of pride for us as Nepal is naturally enriched country.

Hiuchuli Treks invests its certain portion of profit for charitable cause. We have sponsored school kids, people from remote areas. We have been contributing to children who are in need for their education by helping to set up a school in the village of  Bubka in the Annapurna region and also bringing help to provide for orphans at Helpless Children Paradise in Nepal. We have noticed tremendous changes in people due to such campaigns and interaction programs. Under our Managing Director, Mr Tenzing Norbu Sherpa’s guidance we have catered to schooling organisations from Singpore such as, Springfield Secondary School and Singaporean American School, from Hongkong we have catered to Shatin College to interact with the village schools on their treks. We have also worked with numerous people from the world over from different walks of life.

Care for our team:

All of our staffs are well paid and insured. They are provided sufficient equipments, and emergency helicopter evacuation in case of emergency. All of our staffs are paid regular remuneration and bonuses. Training and development opportunity is also provided to each staff to enhance their personality.

We operate the trek according to the 5 guidelines of International Porter Protection Group (IPPG).

  1. Clothing appropriate to season and altitude must be provided to porters for protection from cold, rain and snow. This may mean: windproof jacket and trousers, fleece jacket, long johns, suitable footwear (leather boots in snow), socks, hat, gloves and sunglasses.
  2. Above the tree line porters should have a dedicated shelter, either a room in a lodge or a tent (the trekkers’ mess tent is no good as it is not available till late evening), a sleeping pad and a blanket (or sleeping bag). They should be provided with food and warm drinks, or cooking equipment and fuel.
  3. Porters should be provided with the same standard of medical care as you would expect for yourself, and life insurance.
  4. Porters should not be paid off because of illness/injury without the leader or the trekkers assessing their condition carefully. The person in charge of the porters (sirdar) must let their trek leader or the trekkers know if a sick porter is about to be paid off. Sick/injured porters should never be sent down alone, but with someone who speaks their language and understands their problem, along with a letter describing their complaint. Sufficient funds should be provided to cover cost of rescue and treatment.
  5. No porter should be asked to carry a load that is too heavy for their physical abilities . Weight limits may need to be adjusted for altitude, trail and weather conditions; experience is needed to make this decision.

Our Environment:

In the same time, rapid population growth, tourism, deforestation have been threat to environment of Nepal in the recent days. The problem is quite alarming and pressing issue for the future generation as well. Therefore, we are committed towards preserving the nature for its sustainable development. In our way of thinking, conservation of nature doesn’t reflect to disconnecting people from nature and vice  versa; rather, it is an approach to promote the human nature relationship even stronger. Spreading awareness and having sense of responsibility towards nature, we do our activities. We are very much conscious towards your safe trip and environmental friendliness. More to the point, Nepal is a beautiful nation with some colourful festivals to enjoy and its sophisticated culture definitely reveals our true identity.

We always lay emphasis on taking only photo; and leaving only footprints as you embark on journey.To use kerosene for cooking purposes and leaving the campsite clean. Not to pollute water source.To protect natural aspects and respect local culture. Seeking permission before entering any temple or house and not  taking photographs without permission.;