About us

Hiuchuli Treks provides a whole range of choices for your visit to Nepal ranging from treks, tours and mountain expeditions. Beside ’s normal trek, we arrange specialized treks in the Himalayas for groups of all size, anywhere and at any time of the year. You can rely on us for planning mountaineering expeditions, tours, rafting and jungle safari adventures, transportation and lodging. If Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim are in your travel itineraries, simply let us know.
In Nepal, You’ll discover a bounty of untold pleasures: the exhilaration of achievement as you stretch yourself and the boundaries of your horizons; the deep spiritual enrichment that comes from encountering the region’s diverse people and wildlife; and the sheer fun that comes from being “out there.”

For more than twenty-five years we have shared with you our passion for genuine exploration of culture and the mountains. And we’re still dreaming of the possibilities. So “dream a little (or big!) dream” and come along for the ride.

We named our company “Hiuchuli”, in honor of the Mt. Hiuchuli in the Annapurna Himalayas and as a tribute to the brave Gurkha warriors. We are one of the best adventure companies in Nepal, and we pride ourselves in being able to offer the best service available in this fascinating region.